Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GADGETS (science & technology)

Gadgets nowadays become something needed stuffs and always synonymous with teenagers. If we ask youngsters, of course the common one gadget that they will have is cell phone or IPod.  Malaysian teenagers tend to buy a new version gadget such as cell phones, lap tops, I Phone,  Wii, cameras  and etc.
Cameras/ DSLR

Laptops and notebooks


Do you know each gadget give advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of modern gadgets to students:

1. A faster way to search for information (via the Internet)
2. Sometimes a more effective way of learning. (via educational computer programs)
3. Prepares students for the globalized world where computer-literacy is a must.
4. Easier way of communication.
5. Helps students if they have difficulties (homework helpers, etc. )
6. More accessible.
7. Gives students recreation.
8. A larger information source.

1. Students tend to be lazy.
2. Computer games such as online games divert the students' attention from school.
3. Can be used for procrastination.
4. Distracts students from schoolwork.
5. Students lose interest in their schoolwork.

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  1. regarding your post, i think is is good to use in writing task. you have given clear point for the topic that you post. students need to elaborate the point by adding elaboration and giving some example. i terms of sustainable development, it shows that actually we are not saving our earth. this is because, the gadget use need electricity to charge the battery. -however, we still can use it if we know the exact way to reduce the use of electricity. one of them is to switch off the laptop if we are not using it instead of switch it into sleep mode to conserve the electricity. -zureza-